Wednesday, May 05, 2010

We're All Heart

Recently, the following comment was left on Boerishbwoy:

“here’s a comment: why don’t you write with your heart, not your brain!”

We were genuinely puzzled by the comment. First of all, we are all heart. Our postings are brimming with emotions and passions and motivated entirely out of a fiery romanticism. We are proud to say that our words are entirely irrational, rash, reactionary, and drawn straight from our guts.

Secondly, we abhor all brain functions. We detest the weak conventions that these other writers use as crutches – things like logic, reason, order, comprehensibility, and mathematics.

No really, we don’t like mathematics at all.

We never ever use our brain for our postings – except to help us with our grammar. If we didn’t make this one concession, we might end up making a horrible grammatical mistake. For example, we might put an exclamation mark at the end of question, we might insert a needless comma, or we may even neglect to properly capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Imagine, we might even make all three of these mistakes in the same sentence!

We wondered, with our hearts, what could have motivated such a comment. The post it was responding to may have offended a number of people: a young guy who wears skinny jeans past his butt, Bryce Courtenay, anyone involved in the creative process for the film version of The Power of One, a Pepsi enthusiast, Sean Penn, or Hugo Chavez. (Maybe it was a Venezuelan Communist screenwriter who was related to Bryce Courtenay, drank Pepsi enthusiastically, wore his skinny jeans low, and was a member of Sean Penn’s fan club).

We’re going to go with Sean Penn himself, because that means a famous actor visited this blog and commented. Most of all, it's what our hearts tell us. This blog has now been validated. We would like to thank Mr. Penn for visiting and leaving a comment.


Suzanne said...

I completely support Boerishbwoy's policy. After all I know you are all heart and some things cannot be shared on a blog. After all, it is a public forum. Not that I am suggesting you at Boerishbwoy are hiding anything... I appreciate your logic, your thoughts, no matter how random, and your mind, as I have said before. Most of all I love you for your heart! One day I know you will have a novel published, and maybe be a journalist, or even a politician. I am your most rabid fan.
Your OLDER sister

Suzanne said...

Boerishbwoy did I spell politician right? I also think you would make an awesome professor!

John den Boer said...

Aw, thanks Suzanne.

We don't use our brains though :)

Suzanne said...

Oh, well I guess you could have fooled me. I thought your mind was fully engaged.

John den Boer said...


Sean Penn said...

That commenter was not me.

End the wars! Equality for all!


John den Boer said...

Hey Sean Penn, thanks for commenting. I really thought it was you.

Who deh?