Monday, April 30, 2007


- Last week Laurianne was hired as an MP's assistant and so there will be no more middleman taking money from every paycheque.

- Sunday was my sister Linda's 22nd birthday. We had a nice conversation which left me very happy.

- The middleman is one of the many enigmatic men society loves to assign blame to. These men include: the middleman, the sandman, the man, the taxman, the bogeyman, the foeman, the gunman, and the strawman.

- I should clarify that Laurianne had absolutely nothing against the middleman because the middleman got her the job in the first place.

- I was perusing some of my old posts and was amazed and a little embarrassed at the number of spelling and grammar mistakes.

- I should make a spelling mistake in this bullet, that would be funny.

~ I bought some chocolate muffins which were far too soft on the outside to be considered real chocolate muffins. Disappointing.

~ Perhaps you notice that the hyphen I am using for the comment above is not a hyphen at all, but a tilde (or squiggle or twiddle.) I think it looks rather sophisticated. Too bad I have nothing sophisticated to say.

~ I thought about using an asterisk for the bullets, but then I thought that maybe people would start looking at the bottom of this post for footnotes.

~ I'm not sure how to put the tilde on top of a letter. The internet informs me that the tilde that goes on top of a letter and the tilde that is used as an approximation sign in mathematics are supposed to be different from eachother.

~ Why are they the same then? The internet tells me that it is because of the ASCII (the American Standard Code for Information Interchange.) The internet has also informed me that the the AACII only has 128 numerical values and no time for assigning separate codes for very similar symbols.

~ What is your favourite obsolete letter in the English alphabet? Mine is thorn (Þ, þ).

~ I finished Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment on the weekend. The book was very long, very descriptive, and very good. I'm looking forward to more Russian novels in the future.

~ I used the word "very" quite a few times in that last sentence.

~ Here is that sentence without "very" written so many times: The thick tome was highly descriptive and an excellent read.

~ Here is that sentence written backwards: .doog yrev dna ,evitpircsed yrev ,gnol yrev saw koob ehT

~ I perused some reviews of Crime and Punishment on Amazon. Most people liked it, but the few people who gave it a one out of five either didn't like the translation or were angry at their teachers or friends for recommending it. Those in the latter category usually had a statement in their review similar to this: "The crime was this book being written, the punishment was reading it." *guffaw* Whether they were angry at their friends or at their teachers, the reviewers commonly committed many spelling and grammar errors, despised Raskalnakov, and used the word "boring" copiously throughout their reviews.

~ Laurianne said that I sounded depressed in the post where I apologized for my prolonged absence. Depressed people do not relish chocolate milk and yogourt the way I do.

~ Laurianne secretly reads my blog so as not to feed my inflated ego.

~ We're off to Ingersoll this weekend to celebrate with Matthew Byl and Tiffany Crandall as they join together in marriage. We are looking forward to it.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Song of the Moment: Dickes B - Seeed

Few people thought that the song of the moment on the boerishbwoy blog would be by an eleven-member German reggae group. The following song is some sort of tribute to Berlin so, with this in mind, I am dedicating it to Kitchener:

Friday, April 27, 2007

My sincerest apologies for not updating in such a long time. However, I have been rather busy with other things.
'What other things?" you ask with a note of anger in your voice, "what could possibly be as important as your blog?"
"Isn't introspection what blogging is all about?" you ask incredulously.
Well, somewhat, I guess. I mean no one really reveals their innermost thoughts in a public space do they?
"Well, yes, they do John. They do, in fact, reveal their innermost thoughts for all to read," you insist fervently.
I'm pretty sure they don't.
"Yes, John, yes they do," you prompt.
Anyhow, I apologize. I have been caught up in a few things and did not have the time or the inclination to update.
"What have you been thinking about?" you bang your fist angrily on the desk in front of you, demanding my attention, "what on earth has been occupying your thoughts so relentlessly as to draw you away from your blog for such an extended period of time?"
I would only disappoint you if I were to reveal what I've been thinking about.
"Fine. I don't care anyways," you say, although there is a deep disappointment bordering on resentment in your voice.
Oblivious as usual to the intricacies of human social interaction, I am completely unaware of your anger and assume that all is well.

Time for some yogourt and chocolate milk.

Who deh?