Friday, June 25, 2004

My Top Ten Favourite Actors (These are my favourite, in no way implying that they are the best)

1) Robert Deniro - Ever since I saw Deniro in The Godfather Part II he has been one of my favourite actors. Deniro has a presence on screen that is absolutely electrifying and he portrays his characters with such conviction and ease that he is always enjoyable to watch. The man who made fifty dollars on his first movie now makes twenty million per picture.
Favourite Movies with Deniro:
- The Godfather Part II
- Raging Bull
- The Untouchables
- Casino
- Goodfellas
- The Mission
2) Djimon Hounsou - Maybe Hounsou shouldn't be on this list, but I really enjoy watching this heavy-weight from Benin. I've only seen him in three movies but I enjoy his acting very much, particularly his moving portrayal of Cinque in Amistad.
Favourite Moviews with Hounsou:
- In America
- Amistad
- Gladiator
3) Benicio Del Toro - I always respected Del Toro but when I saw 21 Grams where he played a confused and zealous born-again Christian I became a true fan. Del Toro might be accused of slurring and mumbling his lines but, for some odd reason, it works.
Favourite movies with Del Toro:
- The Usual Suspects
- 21 Grams
- Traffic
4) Edward Norton - I saw Norton first in the disturbing movie Primal Fear and although I did not like the film I did like Norton's acting. Boyish but also radiating an intelligence and slighly sardonic delivery of his lines, Norton is enjoyable to watch.
Favourite movies with Norton:
- The 25th Hour
- Fight Club
- American History X
- The Score
- The Italian Job
5) Denzel Washington - He's tall and handsome but he can also act . . . and act very well. Washington is a versatile and extremely intelligent actor who's articulate and impassioned portrayals of various characters are often dead-on.
Favourite movies with Washington:
- Training Day
- Malcom X
- Hurricane
- Antwone Fisher
6) Brad Pitt - I know, I know, he's only a pretty face out there to attract the ladies. Well, I don't care because I happen to think that Mr. Pitt is a great actor. I actually enjoy the work he puts into his roles and I believe that he's got a lot of unrecognized talent.
Favourite movies with Pitt:
- Fight Club
- Snatch
- Spy Game
- Ocean's Eleven
7) Tom Hanks - He picks his movies well and I think he's a stupendous actor. He just has a comforting quality about him that makes it easy to watch him on screen.
Favourite movies with Hanks:
- Saving Private Ryan
- The Green Mile
- Forrest Gump
- Castaway
8) Liam Neeson - This Irish actor is very tall (6"4) and very talented. I might get flak from purists for liking him in Les Miserables which made quite a departure from the book, but I liked him in it anyways.
Favourite movies with Neeson:
- Michael Collins
- Rob Roy
- The Mission
- Schindler's List
9) Samuel L. Jackson - C'mon can you get any cooler than Sammy?
Favourite movies with Jackson:
- Pulp Fiction
- A Time to Kill
- 187
- Goodfellas
- The Red Violin
10) Matt Damon - He's a good actor and I've also noticed that he's skilled at mimicry.
Favourite movies with Damon:
- Ocean's Eleven
- The Bourne Identity
- Finding Forrester
- Good Will Hunting
- The Rainmaker

Who deh?