Friday, April 30, 2010


~ As you can see, I've been updating at a frenetic pace. I've already had more entries in April alone than in all of 2008 or in all of 2009.

~ Why oh why oh why (oh why) do these youth wear skinny jeans pulled down past their butts? At least the rap aficionados with their baggy pants wear shirts that are long enough, in most cases, to cover their ratty boxers. These other kids, though, are wearing skinny jeans pulled down below their pelvis, but are still wearing shirts that were already one size too small before they shrunk in the laundry. And I've seen many a young man struggle with their sagging pants because of a lack of a belt. These new kids though? They're wearing belts, and the belts are tightened specifically at a point past their buttocks. Why? Why? WHY?

~ The previous rant should be read in your best crotchety old man voice.

~ The film version of The Power of One is not even in the same realm of good as the novel. I did spot Daniel Craig this time around, though.

~ The soundtrack is still amazing.

~ Alan Paton's books are still much better than Bryce Courtenay's.

~ Coke is still better than Pepsi.

~ Raspberry juice is still better than both of those.

~ Cheesecake wins over everything previously mentioned.

~ My Dad told me that he was happy to see me blogging again, but he also mentioned that he didn't get all of the jokes.

~ Don't worry Dad, I don't get them all either.

~ I promise not to make any promises about my blogging, because I always break them.

~ That was a contradictory sentence.

~ Admittedly, nearly half of the posts have been pointing to the work or thought of others. Still, I've been doing well.

~ I'm a little hungry for more comments, though. I like comments.

~ I'm also hungry for cheesecake.

~ I lost some of the blogs I had linked before when I was reorganizing everything. I tried linking them all again, but I noticed that mine was not the only blog that has been neglected.

~ I guess all those people are twittering now.

~ A Boerishbwoy update is like thirty twitters in one go. That’s how good we are.

~ Sean Penn to jokes: I don't get you.

~ I read that previous statement somewhere, I can't remember where. It's true though.

~ Sean Penn to international politics: I don’t get you either.

~ I made that one up myself - anyone who thinks that Hugo Chavez is benign leader without any dictatorial tendencies, can safely be said to "not get it."

~ I have two map systems, because I like geography.

~ Once again, I'm lacking blog hits from Mongolia.

~ I do have hits from Moscow though, and that's pretty much made my week.

~ The other hits are great as well, of course.

~ Shout out to Gary Finger.

~ My youngest sister recently made a speech on her role models. Guess who was included?

~ Are you kidding? No, it was not Sean Penn or Gary Finger.

~ That’s right, it was this guy right here.

~ I think she probably looks up to me mostly because of my amazing blogging abilities. A lot of people can blog, but not very many can blog like me.

~ If my sister knew Gary Finger, I’m sure he’d be included as well. As for Sean Penn, he might get a nod for his acting abilities. Maybe. Probably not.


Suzanne said...

I promise the next time you come and visit I will make you an apple cheesecake! This Renaissance of your blog is awesome and I hope it will continue, although perhaps at a more sustainable, less frenetic pace. I really hope your dreams about Mongolia come true, and I am not surprised you are our sister's role model.

Rod and Bec said...

I am not from Mongolia, or from Moscow. I will comment though.
Or I would, if I had something half-witty to say....
guess not.

Jake Belder said...

You really must join Twitter. You would be an awesome Twitterer.

John den Boer said...

Suzanne, I am definitely holding you to that cheesecake. Although I'm not sure when I'll be down in Hamilton again.

Rod and Bec - I definitely forgot to mention how awesome comments from Kingston are, but I assumed it went without saying.

Jake - I have to admit I'm just a little confused by Twitter, but maybe I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

here's a comment: why don't you write with your heart, not your brain!

John den Boer said...


Why? Why? Why?
Why exactly?
What? Why?
Be more constructive with your feedback, please. Why?

John den Boer said...

(Flight of the Conchords and straight from my heart)

Jake Belder said...

Twitter is one of those things that you won't understand unless you do it. Or so I'm told. I do it a lot and I think I get it but I'm not sure I could explain it.

John den Boer said...


Well, if it has the Jake Belder seal of approval then I should really check it out - especially if it's something I'd be good at. :)

Who deh?