Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Song of the Week: These Eyes - Guess Who

"This is Guess Who"


"Guess Who"


"No really, it's Guess Who"

(this is an actual approximation of supposed multiple conversations between my mother and father back when they had these things called "records" which were these big black shiny vinyl things that played songs with this little needle thingy. My father still remembers other things from ancient history like when the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup and he had to make his own papyrus before going to school)

My dad has informed me that he doesn't particularly care for the songs of the week. That is, they don't interest him. I said I'd make one dedicated to him and here it is:


Aaron said...

reminds me of a time from my childhood when i saw a certain pair of jeans.

"i like your jeans, what knd are they?"



"no guess"


"no guess"...

John den Boer said...

Heh heh

Who deh?