Monday, January 22, 2007

Song of the Week: One - U2

This is one of my favourite songs by U2. I'm not as fanatical a fan as some of my friends, but I definitely love U2.


Aaron said...

great song choice! one is definately my favourite u2 song. if only we could make a video of scott performing this song.

daryl said...

Great song. I saw somewhere that they had made 3 different videos for this song...this was the best one though. I forget why they did that, or where I saw it.

Dustytherugbadger said...

Love the song John.

U2 is my fav and this song always makes me think.


John den Boer said...

Aaron - Yeah, maybe Todd can arrange a Reckman performance for us.

Daryl - Three? On a different note, you have to love Bono with a mullet.

Steve - Hello, which Steve are you? I know quite a few Steves, all of them good people, but which one are you?

Dave said...

a great song, of course--it's become an anthem of sorts.
so hard for me to pick just one favourite U2 song though.

Who deh?