Friday, February 17, 2006

Spot the Dutch Proverbs (click the picture to enlarge it, unless you want a challenge):

Thanks to Bvo I have made this post a little more clear. I found a website that listed the proverbs found in this picture, most of which I have listed here. Now see if you can find them:

"He runs his head against a stone wall"

"There the roof is tiled with tarts" (a land of plenty; a fool's paradise;)

"He has toothache behind his ears"

"Throwing roses before pigs."

"He is a pillar-biter" (a religious hypocrite)

"Big fish eat little fish"

"He is pissing against the moon"

"It depends on the fall of the cards."

"They both shit through one hole"

"It hangs like a privy over a ditch"

"He tosses feathers in the wind"

"One shears sheep, the other pigs"

"The world upside down"

"Two dogs over one bone seldom agree"

"He is looking for the hatchet" (an excuse)

"The world dances upon his thumb"

"Leave at least one egg in the nest"

"They pull to get the longest end"

"The pig is stabbed through the belly"

"To shoot all one’s bolts"

"To marry under the broomstick"

"He who has spilt his porridge cannot scrape it all up again"

"She carries fire in one hand and water in the other"

"He does not care whose house is on fire as long as he can warm himself at the blaze"

"One winds on the distaff what the other spins"

"To get the lid on the head" (to have to pay for the damages)

"To fry the whole herring for the sake of the meat"?

"She puts the blue mantle on her husband"

"He falls from the ox onto the ass"

"He carries the day out in baskets"

"He catches fish with his bare hands" (this shrewd fellow profits from the work of others by taking fish out of the nets which they have cast)

"Bow and scrape if he is to get on in the world."

"The herring hangs by its own gills"

"He holds a candle to the devil" (to make friends in all quarters)

"He plays on the pillory"

"Who knows why geese go barefoot?"

"He looks through his fingers" (he can afford to be indulgent because he is sure of his profit).

"They lead each other by the nose" (they are tricking each other).

"He confesses to the devil"

"She would bind the devil himself to a pillow."

"Fools get the best cards"

"He hangs his cloak according to the wind."

"There hangs the knife" (a challenge)

"He fills the well after the calf has drowned (measure taken only when an accident has occurred"

"There stand the wooden shoes" (to wait in vain)

"He wipes his arse on the door"

"Where the gate is open, the pigs will run into the corn"

"He carries a burden"

"He throws money into the water"

"The die is cast" (it is decided).

"Here the sow pulls out the stopper"

"He cannot bear to see the sun shine on the water"

"It is ill to swim against the stream"

"He sees bears dancing"

"He shits on the gallows"

"He falls through the basket" - rejected suitor

"She gazes at the stork"

"He ties a flaxen beard to the face of Christ"

"He shits on the world"

"He keeps his eye on the sail"

"To sit between two stools in the ashes"

"The hen-feeler" (“To count one’s chickens before they are hatched”)

"It is growing out of the window"

"He can barely reach from one loaf to the other"

"To shave the fool without lather"

"There the scissors hang out" (symbol of pickpocketing: a place of cheating and fleecing)
"No one looks for others in the oven who has not been there himself"

"He who eats fire. shits sparks"

"It is healthy to piss on the fire"

"He holds the eel by the tail"

"To put a spoke in someone's wheel"


ChrisCrookall said...

This has nothing to do with the blog, jsut directions:
-Since you work off maravel I used that as a start point, perhaps usefull, perhaps not.
Directions to Rideau Park United Church

Baseline Rd east to Alta Vista (1st traffic light east of Bank St.)

Left onto Alta Vista

Cross 2 main intersections called Randall & Kilborn to get to Cunningham (stop sign)

Church will be on your right hand side at Alta Vista & Cunningham
Park at side of Church, entry door is on side, nearest back of Church
-it starts at 7:00 but people are always late. -were looking at MereChristanity ch8, but I nver read it anyway.

BvO said...

So, I don't know the dutch proverb that this image is referring to. care to elucidate?

John den Boer said...

I hope I've clarified this. When I originally posted it I only guessed a couple (one of which I was off a bit on). I also should have written proverbs rather than proverb.

doc said...
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Anonymous said...
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