Saturday, November 25, 2006

Phil asked me yesterday how it felt to be part of another nation. I think this is a good question. I live in Québec and I love Québec, but I'm not Québecois. Does this nation encompass the geographical area known as Québec or does it only refer to those who are both geographically and culturally Québecois?

Well, at least I'm in a nation that is part of a united Canada. Of course, I don't think my entire nation agrees with me.


David Koyzis said...

John, check my blog entry for today, where I have a link to Michael Bliss. I think it's bad form for a sitting PM to ape a possible opposition leader who has spent most of his adult life outside the country. No one can win from this misstep.

John den Boer said...

Yeah, I agree. Thanks for the link. I guess I'm not part of this other nation, I just live among them.

Who deh?