Monday, October 10, 2005

I was just helping my wife with her homework for her female studies class and I came across this poem while I was helping her research sex tourism in Thailand. Tragic.

With No Immediate Cause
by Ntozake Shange

Every 3 minutes a woman is beaten,
every 5 minutes a woman is raped,
every 10 minutes a little girl is molested
ever 3 minutes, every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes . . . every day


PietHarsevoort said...

Wow. That's really depressing stuff. I'm not an easily angered person, but reading about sex tourism always gets my blood boiling.

Anonymous said...

Hay there John DenBore, long time no see.
So by the use of the word wife in your blogs I geuss that means you got maried, congradulations.

If you are still in ottawa you should hang with Stu and I bible study some sunday evening, were curently studying "Meir Christanity" by C.S.Lweis. It's fun and often involves food.

Oh, and if you are desprate for somewhere to unlode that spice rack, I'm sure I could find a place.

John den Boer said...

Hey Chris!

I lost your e-mail address about five minutes after you gave it to me. Okay, it was more like two weeks, but you know what I mean.

I would love to come to your Bible study and if there's food that's bonus.


John den Boer said...

Yeah Piet, I actually felt physically ill from what I read . . . it is so revolting, so horrible, so loathsome what these men do and the excuses they make.

Who deh?