Monday, May 07, 2012

A few months ago, I  finished reading I am Legend, a book by Richard Matheson that was made into a blockbuster film starring Will Smith. I noticed a few small differences between the book and the film:

~ Robert Neville isn't a famous army scientist in the book, he's a veteran and blue collar veteran who knows how to use the library.
~ There is no Bob Marley in the book, just classical music.
~ There is no helicopter crash in the book.
~ There are no mannequins in the book.
~ There are no super-labs in Robert Neville's basement in the book.
~ There is a lady that Robert Neville meets in the book, but she doesn't have a kid with her and she is definitely not motivated by anything approaching the same reasons as the woman in the film.
~ The book takes place in the seventies not during the 2000s.
~ There are no lions or gazelles in the book.
~ The amazing number of broken glasses and imbibed alcoholic beverages in the book make no appearance in the movie.
~ The dog in the book is a mutt, in the movie he's a German Shepherd.
~ In the book, the dog doesn't even really become friends with Robert Neville or appear for that long.
~ Robert Neville's home isn't a secret to the zombie vampires in the book.
~ There is an ironic twist at the end of the book while the movie has a heroic self-sacrifice. . .

Okay, I'm going to stop here and just say that the only similarities are that there is a man named Robert Neville who survives a vampire apocolypse.  He is very sad.  He meets a dog and a woman.  He tries to find a cure.  He kills many vampires.

Actually, I'm going to stop here and just say that both the book and the film weren't very good.  The book was just a shade better because of its ending, and that's really not saying much.

Wait, I'm stopping here to say that I am not to happy with this post.

For real this time, I'm stopping here just to add another line to this post.


Suzanne said...

I watched this movie awhile back. I got more enjoyment out of this post, despite the fact you are not "happy with it."

John den Boer said...

Well thank you, Suzanna Banana.

Who deh?