Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is an excellent article on the recent cave-in of the Canadian War Museum to the veteran's demands for a change to the wording of the bomber command exhibit.

Beyond Dispute - Randall Hansen


daryl said...

Hey Buju
Things are pretty good on my end. I started Teacher's college, and that's cool, plus working part time for the electricians. Other then that, I haven't done too, and the normal summery type are you and laurianne?

Marten denBoer said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to this article, John. It requires no further comment. Attempting to rewrite history condemns us to repeat it. --Marten

John den Boer said...

Hey Daryl,
Congratulations on starting teacher's college. That's great. Laurianne and I have been good. We have not been doing much, but life is good.

Hey Uncle Marten,
The debate in the Ottawa Citizen was pretty interesting. This article, I feel, was the best take on the whole situation.

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