Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm still alive, just a little occupied.


Jake Belder said...

Haha, likewise. Hello from Orlando :)

Karen said...

With what?

Suzanne said...

John I am very disappointed that you are not making time for your blog. Your last story was so good that I hope you are working on your book right now, or working on grad school applications, because I think those things trump your blog and make the disappointment more bearable.
Please tell me you are busy with something more important than keeping me entertained, because you haven't made me laugh since the Hitman back in May.

Aaron said...

i have a bad feeling john is occupied with facebook:( john your blog's fanclub needs you!

John den Boer said...

Hey, hello Jake.

I was, as Aaron claimed, occuppied with facebook. Also, our car has been misbehaving, and I have been a little lazy.

I have just published a new post. I hope you all like it!

John den Boer said...

Interestingly enough, it says that I published this new post five days ago. I will allow that.

Who deh?