Wednesday, November 02, 2005


- Remember, I invented these updates.

- My feet are cold.

- Today was my last day of working at the Golf Course. Hopefully, I can find something else, and quickly.

- My fingernail is still messed up.

- I mean, I probably didn't invent these because there was probably someone who did this before me but since I don't know about this alleged person then they don't exist.

- That's right, they don't exist because I don't know about them. Chew on that, Descartes.

- I think my thumbnail is starting to go too. This can only mean that I have some kind of fingernail disease which spreads verrrry slowly.

- The CBC's documentary on the Quebec Referendum was quite good. It really helped jog my memory.

- My neighbour grows weed.

- Lauriane and I have been together for three months.

- They really don't make a big deal about Luther and his theses here in Gatineau.

- John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, his name is my name toooooo, whenever I go out, the people always shout singing "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt la-la la-la la-la-la . . . "

- (that was in my head all day.)

- Laurianne and I have been together for three months and apparently I still can't spell her name.

- I'm not saying that my neighbour doesn't spray his lawn, I'm saying that he grows cannabis in his house.

- Do do do de do de do-do.

- Why do French-Canadians love what's-her-name so much?

- No, I'm not talking about Celine Dion but that is a good question --- Why do French-Canadians love her so much?

- Man Huynh also loves Celine Dion.

- Man is from Chatham, not Quebec.

- Man is not French-Canadian, despite his Gallic-sounding name.

- Norah Jones!! That's it, why do they love her so much?

- My neighbour could also be using those hydroponic lights for a science experiment, right?

- One day, I went to pick up Laurianne from her friend's house and there was a man being serviced in our parking lot.

- This update is rated 16 ans+, by the way.

- Why are so many kids named Tyler or Tyson these days and why do they always go to the grocery store with their mothers at the same time as I do?

- Jerry Seinfeld, funny guy.

- Yogourt is better than ice cream. It is - I'm right and you're wrong.

- World Cup, coming up. Woo hoo.


Anonymous said...

-my nabors might be growing pot too. They are teen agers, and teen agers are never up to any good.

-If you'r desprate for a job I think where highering at my work. But it's Tim Hortons, so you can proably do better. Like picking up cans for recycling, or anything. Fast food sucks.

Anonymous said...


Just realized that I should have invited you to the CLAC office in Ottawa tonight. Well much earlier than tonight- but tonight is special b/c the infamous Dr. Struass is speaking here at 7:00 p.m. If you've got a way, the address is on our website. or call .238.2522.

Evghenis said...

you still got it John.

John den Boer said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the job offer but, miraculously I have just found a job (on the first day of my supposed unemployment) teaching English to exchange students. Thanks very much, though.

- Hey Ian, thanks for the invite but I saw it about twelve hours too late. Say hi to Gord and thanks again.

- Hey Graham Ware! I'll add you again to my links. Thanks for the complement. From what I remember yours are quite good as well. I look forward to reading your blog again, I can't believe I forgot yours.

Evghenis said...

don't worry John, not offended at all. I haven't tried the old update in a while... perhaps I should.

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