Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things I Don’t Understand . . .

- People crying when celebrities die.

- Those weird sandals that are half boot and half sandal.

- The dream I had last night where I had a huge goiter on my face.

- Why people bother yelling from their balconies for drunk people to shut up. These drunks think they’re talking at a conversational level until you tell them to shut up. Basically you’re actively encouraging a louder volume of the yelling that they didn’t realize they were even doing.

- Fergie fans. The fact that they exist.

- Vampires that twinkle and the girls who love them.

- Vuvuzela enthusiasts.

- Crotchety bloggers that complain about everything, even when their team makes it into the final.

- Advanced physics.

- How expensive pop corn is at the movies.

- Paying to advertise a clothing company on your chest.

- How in some places pop is called coke so that if you say that you want coke they ask you what kind of coke. Sprite is coke, make sense?

- Why cookie monster had to stop eating cookies. How can he even be called cookie monster anymore?


Suzanne said...

Cookie Monster exemplifies over-consumption by masses of small children, who will steal and cheat to achieve their constant gratification. Surely, Johnny Applesauce, you know this, being one of those caught with your hand in the cookie jar. I am merely your accomplice in such crimes.

John den Boer said...

Cookie stealing is rite of childhood. Ask Tom Sawyer.

Who deh?