Thursday, February 07, 2008

I have not updated in a goodly while or even given offerings in my continuing "Song of the Moment" series. As a result, the United States seems to be headed to recession, there has been snow in the American deep south, Britney Spears has been acting rather oddly, and John learned how to properly affix buttons to all types of clothing. Now, you may be wondering exactly how these things could have been linked to John's lack of blogging activity. I'm glad you asked. However, this is not a lecture on causality and I suppose you will just have to figure it out yourself. Nevertheless, I'm glad you asked.
You see, I have what psychologists refer to as temporary habitualization with repetitive tendencies. Now, this is not the exact title they use and they may not even refer to this problem in their learned textbooks; but there is probably a psychologist out there somewhere who agrees that self-diagnosis is a good thing. Temporary habitualization is a problem where the patient picks up habits, but only in temporary spurts. These spurts can last anywhere from a week to six months. My blogging often falls victim to this curious affliction of mine. Fortunately for my readers, my temporary habitualization has affixed to it the prepositional phrase "with repetitive tendencies." Thus, my blogging, although sporadic, should continue well into the future.
Anyways, I want to thank all of my readers for their continued perusal, and I hope to continue to be more regular in my posting habits. Really. Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Glad to notice that Boerishbwoy is back! I'm sure your blogging will continue well into the future! Hup John!


John den Boer said...

Thank you, anonymous. Peter Tosh once sang "I'm not going to give up." I hope that can apply to my blogging.

Who deh?