Friday, October 20, 2006

How long will it take for the Conservatives to stop referring to the inadequacies of the previous government and start focussing on their own game plan? I mean, it's a bit like a student who brags about his C- because it isn't a D.

Also, if this new "Clean Air Act" is any indication, the government is like an Olympic high jumper who is aiming to beat the Sicilian record. Because, you know, if you aim low enough, you're bound to reach your target.


Rob said...

Their long term goal is actually highly ambitious, I think - esp. as regards industry (their plan lamentably has almost nothing to do with average consumers/citizens). But where it gets derailed is in the short term, and that makes me nervous because it might become a case of legislation that is designed with no intention of being fulfilled - by the time real concrete measures come into place, this government could be unelected.

John den Boer said...

The long term goal may be ambitious, but it certainly is long term. Things need to be done now to address climate change and emissions both from the industry and from the average citizen. I think this anaemic plan is just a delay designed to give the illusion of action. The Liberals did a fine job of delaying action on the environment and the Conservatives seem to be following suit, except they don't even pay lip service to the danger posed by global warming.

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