Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Four

I walk through glowing green fields
the grass is damp and the earth yields,
soft and uncertain like a newborn deer
tottering, bounding, now leaping with glee
bold and lively, prancing without fear
Ah, what a pleasure this is to see!
I walk under the baking sun
my breaths are deep, and my sweat runs
the earth is firm like a ripe plum
sweet and juicy and tart on my tongue
thunder rolls and grumbles like a drum
See how the August skies have sung!
I walk through forests dark and deep
the wind whips my face and makes me weep
the breeze swirls all the rusty leaves
which snap and crumble beneath my feet
like all the things you once believed
Aye, see how the wind scatters those empty sheets!
I trudge the icy rocks and snow
the sun is faint like the dying glow
of a fire fading as it grows old
and the embers fade to blackened coal
as my bones crack in this icy cold
Lord, its clammy claws spear my soul!

and then I awake in those glowing fields
and feel that soft earth as it yields
. . . I use this memory as my shield.


Suzanne den Boer said...

I like it! That's my literary analysis for the night. You see my education was not wasted. It's such an evocative and powerful poem and I love how the four seasons are used to express emotional and spiritual states, but in a fresh vivid way, not how so many less original poets have done before you. You definitely are a writer John.

John den Boer said...

Thanks Suzanne.

Todd Guthrie said...

Buju, I like it.

What I don't like is that you live far away. Jerk.

C and/or K said...

I agree with Suzanne, but at first I was a little lost about the poem's meaning. I think it's been too long since I've taken an English class.

phl said...

john did you get a new phone # when you moved?

I was in gateneau the other day, and i wondered where your place was.

John den Boer said...

Hey Todd. I miss you too.


C and/or K, thanks. I look forward to seeing you guys.

Hey Phil, I still have the same phone number. We live down St. Joseph off of Meunier (by Provigo and the Petro Canada station). We're on Galipeau.

Who deh?