Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I got this from Jake Belder: You type in your name + needs and give the top twenty results. I eliminated the repeats, of course.

1) John needs to get his patootie back here.
2) John needs help.
3) John needs your bone marrow.
4) John needs a way to assign an item's UUID to an attribute.
5) John needs to see.
6) See number 10.
7) John needs, John wants, John gets.
8) John needs . . .
9) John needs to borrow a car on February 25.
10) John needs to embrace family values.
11) John needs a Yoko.
12) John needs a coffee.
13) John needs rest after throat surgery.
14) John needs a better camphone.
15) John needs to make his DW site more noticeable.
16) John needs a smoke.
17) John needs a shave.
18) John needs to be allowed to change the focus of his hope.
19) John needs you.
20) John needs an umbrella.


Jake Belder said...

Nice. And I love that picture. First time I saw it on Todd's blog I was tempted to make it my desktop wallpaper.

Anonymous said...


this is your mother...we taught you better than to even think about getting serviced by hookers. How do you think that makes your wife feel? I am very disappointed that you would let something like that be in your thoughts, on your blog or anywhere. It is not even good for a laugh.

I love you


John den Boer said...

Jake - yeah, I like that picture too.

mom - I love you too.

Anonymous said...

aww a little baby shave now well got to go bye
April perkins

Who deh?