Wednesday, March 08, 2006


- The entry on Buju Banton at the little (and by "little" you should read massively oversized) online encycopedia, wikipedia, would have had you believe that this reggae icon is a professional homophobe who occasionally sings songs.

- I added my input and now the entry provides a little more biographical and musical information.

- Wikipedia also includes Dave Matthews on its lists of African Americans. He hails from South Africa and I am guessing that he is now an American, but the man is a Caucasian.

- Caucasian sounds like an insult, but not as insulting as Caucasoid.

- Caucasoid sounds like a some kind of eighties video game Nickelback used to spend all the dimes they made on.

- Caucasoid does not sound nearly as insulting as Negroid or, the absolute worst one, Mongoloid.

- By October 23 next year, I will be an uncle. My oldest sister Karen and my brother-in-law Clint are expecting a child!

- Mmmm, how do I follow that little bullet with the usual trivial bullshit I talk about?

- I like sour cream and onion chips.

- Our car is costing us far too much money.

- Aaron and Erica are coming this weekend . . . right, Aaron?

- Dave Chappelle has excellent taste in music, with the possible exception of Kanye West who is a egocentric mountain of arrogance, albeit a talented one.

- Dead Prez is a little to revolutionary for this Caucasoid as well.

- The pipes at our house froze the weekend my parents and sisters visited, but then the heat started working.

- By "working" I mean "subjecting the entire house to a sweltering tropical atmosphere of ridiculous humidity."

- I have been going to a Bible Study where we discuss C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. One of the best parts is Chris Crookall's humourous commentary.

- Some day, when I can find the humour in the situation, I will write an entry on the money pit that is better known as "Mallory" aka our 1998 Chevy Malibu.

- I like the sound of Tonton John and Tantine Laurianne. Our nephews and nieces are bound to love us just because of our titles.

- I had a dream where Laurianne and I conspired with the professor from Futurama and we blew up a community bank after stealing the money and planting fake bodies in it and then settled in a ridiculously expensive South Pacific Island.

- Apparently, Marcellin was at the theatre when I saw Dave Chappelle's Block Party, but I missed him.

- Remember the Polkaroo? Why didn't they let the male co-host see him . . . just once?

- I'm hungry.

- I feel like eating Hawaiian Pizza.

- My feet smell.


Jake Belder said...

I'm guessing the fingernail war is over?

Anonymous said...

we'll be there johny!
i'll probably call you tomorrow (thursday)

John den Boer said...

The fingernail war still rages on.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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