Tuesday, January 31, 2006


- Dr. Koyzis but an HRH in front of my name on his blog site and I just noticed.

- This weekend I went to see Bedouin Soundclash, an inspiring reggae-tinged band.

- Their audience, made up primarily of inebriated first-year university students, was rather uninspiring.

- When you can formulate the following sentence you need to ask yourself whether ESL is really necessary for you: The woman had difficulty obtaining a job due to the rather large carnivorous appendage growing from her forehead.

- On Sunday I drag-raced a gas truck during a snow storm and it crashed and exploded in a ball of fire.

- The previous statement was inspired by James Frey's memoir and represents my personal and emotional truth. I did pass a gas truck on the highway during a snow storm but it didn't actually crash, although he might have pulled over because the weather was rather horrid.

- Fingernail, sigh.

- Perhaps I was too hard on Nickelback, after all there is a lot of music out there that is far far worse.

- I'm looking at you, Mr. Masari.

- When you have an HRH in front of your name you have a certain sense of entitlement.

- I visited Rideau Hall on Friday and was astounded at how small it was originally under the ownership of Thomas Mckay. Too bad I couldn't find a picture.

- One of my students pointed out that his house was taller than the South African embassy.

- The South African embassy is pretty darn tall.

- Apparently it helps sales when Osama bin Laden recommends your book, but I'm sure it does little for your reputation.

- Of course a lot of Americans would stop eating bow-tie pasta if they found out that it was Osama's favourite.

- Bow-tie pasta, of course, is fairly benign in comparison to something which communicates ideas.

- Still, Osama often highjacks legitimate criticisms of American policy and mixes them into his volatile ideology.

- Read a classic short story on the web sometime.

- A social and moral conscience is not the exclusive domain of those who are considered "right-wing", nor is equality, social justice, and international cooperation the exclusive domain of those who are considered "left-wing."

- When I was young I thought the Quaker icon on Harvest Crunch was a jolly old fat woman.

- I astonished to learn that Romeo LeBlanc removed the claws and tongue from the flag of the governor general of Canada. Why? Too scary, I guess.

- Does this picture scare you? See how menacingly he brandishes that maple leaf?

- Adrienne Clarkson had the neutering reversed.

- At the age of eight or nine I came to the sudden realization that the quaker was a man and that he had, no doubt, helped Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben escape from Col. Sanders.

- Actually, Col. Sanders wasn't part of the equation.

- Last Friday, I hurled a large boulder of ice and snow into the water just above Rideau Falls with the help of a Chinese tourist and an enthusiastic eleven-year-old ESL student.

- I'm not certain that boulder hurling is an appropriate activity for a professional.

- Michaƫlle Jean was home when I went to Rideau Hall, but I didn't see her.

- When Stephen Harper tells off the American ambassador is that anti-Americanism? I don't know because apparently Conservatives are opposed to that sort of thing.

- Actually, he made me rather proud with his mature and dignified response which can be contrasted favourably with Paul Martin's wild posturing over Kyoto (I agree with his supposed stance but not his approach).

- I cannot believe that PETA activists compare themselves with civil rights workers.

- Ndagu Kunda cane, Laurianne.

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